This is why superannuation changes are a must know

As we all know understanding superannuation can be tricky at the best of times, let alone with the changes that have recently been made. My inbox has been bombarded with emails from clients, in particular women, asking for some clarity on what these changes mean to their super.

Here is my guide to demystifying the changes:

superannuation changes sydneymum







superannuation changes sydneymum

super annuation changes sydneymum

super annuation sydneymum

Super annuation sydneymum

superannuation changes sydneymum

There’s an old saying which we all know “Count your pennies wisely and the pounds will take care of themselves”.

The super changes clearly indicate that the government is counting all of your pennies too, especially when it comes to superannuation.

While the goal posts have yet again been moved there are still plenty of opportunities, so there you have it. A brief summary and if you would like further info on how the changes affect you, please get in touch.

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Cheers, Marisa

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