6 Ways to Handle those ‘Off Days’

Ever feel like it’s all too much? I do, and certainly at the moment! So when Tammi got in touch with Sydneymum, we thought it was fitting to share her thoughts with you. Tammi Kirkness is a Life Coach, the Founder and Director of VisionScope Coaching , a professional speaker, proud yogi and the creator of The Tresaure Love Trust Series.

Enjoy our guest post and these are her 6 tips for handling thise ‘Off Days’.

‘When you’re having an ‘off’ day everything seems harder. Motivating yourself is too much work. Getting lunch ready is an effort. Doing anything on your list for the day is a chore.

I know about these days all too well. In the recovery journey from chronic fatigue syndrome, understanding when you’re tired from a lack of sleep versus the pervasive beast of the illness, coming back is a scary one.

Something I learnt throughout this journey won’t come as a surprise to most, but back then it shocked my core: Everyone has off days. It doesn’t mean that you’re flawed or that there’s something wrong with you. In finally grasping this concept, I’ve realised that the best we can do on these days is to manage our energy and make sure that we can bounce back the next day.

Here are six ways for gliding through an ‘off’ day with more ease and grace:

  1. Stay off social media
    Comparing your shoddy day to the highlights of everyone else’s is a recipe for disaster. Seeing their clean, well-behaved kids on an Instagram post while you look around your bomb-stricken loungeroom is never going to help.
  2. Breathe
    So commonly, we forget how to breathe or to breathe at all. So simply inhale deeply and exhale completely three times.
  3. Mindfully make a cup of tea
  4. Using the foundations of mindfulness, tap in to all five senses during the brewing and sipping process. Think about what you can smell, taste, feel, see and hear and notice how the sensory sensitisation process can relax a busy mind.
  5. Simplify your To Do list
    Take a moment to take stock of what absolutely needs to be completed by the end of the day and work on only that. Remember good is the enemy of done.
  6. Be kind to yourself
    Remember that it’s okay to not be on your a-game everyday! Nurturing yourself with positive thoughts is important to block out that nasty inner mean girl who criticizes you all day long. Repeating something in the back of your mind like “I am peace, I am love” throughout the day can help.
  7. Move Your Body
    If you’re not getting what you want done, change-up your location and move physically. Stand up if you’re sitting down, eat breakfast outside, do your paperwork in the kitchen instead of your lounge room  and see if it makes a difference.’

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