Are Baby Showers different for Millennial Mums?

Are baby showers different for millennial mums? Sydneymum was delighted to be invited to the BabyLove Baby Shower event this week at the QT Lounge in Sydney centre.

The event combined a preview of BabyLove’s new Baby Shower App, that ‘will put planning a baby shower in the palm of your hand’ (due for release at the end of the month) with 2 experts: midwife Cath Curtin (Rebecca Judd’s midwife) and Jodie Turner of The Party Parlour.

A lovely morning was spent discussing lots of topics including parenting, newborns, trends in parenting and of course party planning! We were lucky to preview the App and gosh, it is so cool. The App will cover everything needed to organise a fantastic Baby Shower because it acts like a step by step ‘To do list’. I don’t want to put a spoiler alert on it, but, I will say the options for decorating, party themes – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ anyone? games, invitations, RSVP’s, food ideas etc. are endless. I only wish it existed 10 years ago, when a work colleague organised my baby shower, ugrhh – the ‘Guess what’s in the nappy’ game I had to play still gives me the shivers…

It is lovely to see how sophistication has been added to the concept of Baby Showers in the last 10 years, as Jodie pointed out ‘Today’s Baby Shower has a big emphasis on style, integrating social media and photographic moments’. It’s true, a Baby Shower nowadays, is as much of a celebration as any other monumental event – engagement parties, weddings, 18th and 21st birthdays. And with women spending on average $300 on a Baby Shower, its no wonder they radiate style and sophistication (based on a survey conducted by BabyLove). That is an incredible amount of money and shows whilst they have an updated look and feel, the purpose of a Baby Shower remains unchanged – a celebration of life – and is integral to their enduring popularity.

So how does this impact a millennial mum-to-be? They continue to be a joyful experience and a magic milestone but what is changing are the trends and the involvement of the expectant mother. Mums-to-be are becoming much more vocal in what they want in a Baby Shower finding no issues in organising the shower themselves or having a lot of input into the occasion.

Some on-trend themes Jodie discussed include gender surprise – where the gender of the baby is revealed by way of slicing a cake to reveal the colour inside or bursting a large balloon to release confetti of pink or blue.  Monochrome themes are also proving popular. Women are coming together for high-teas out and about or hosting at home with ‘grazing tables’ (tables of healthy food choices) – they are mixing entertaining with ‘secret woman’s business’ and talking openly about what motherhood is like. All of which can and is being shared on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The Party Parlour Sydneymum

Which brings to light another question, with these new trends and social sharing, are expectant millennial mothers feeling more pressure to conform, creating a sense of overwhelm?

Cath Curtin pointed out today’s digital world is impacting the way we parent, particularly for new parents, ‘With the internet at our finger tips, there is a trend for it to teach us about parenting’. So much information out there, potentially causing confusion, new parents are struggling to understand it all. One concern for Cath, is the Facebook trend of ‘closed parenting groups’ in so far as, yes, there is room for experiential learning and teaching from other mums/parents but in many instances, there are things first-time parents need to learn and be taught by experts – midwifes, GP’s, paediatricians – especially in the very beginning. This includes debunking certain myths like ‘babies can self-settle’ or ‘holding a baby while they sleep prevents sleeping’. A lot of parenting is common sense and what works for one baby may not work for another, but love and warmth goes a long way!

What’s great to hear is experts are moving away from ‘Breast is best’ school of thought to ‘Fed is best’ school of thought – advocating breast feeding and removing the stigma of bottle feeding.

To celebrate the launch of the BabyLove Baby Shower App, BabyLove is giving away 6,000 Baby Shower gift bags at Babies R Us to the first people who download the App starting on the 28th August.

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Author: Emma McEnery

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