3 Time Travel Trips for the School Holidays

School holidays are the perfect time to seek out new things and explore old worlds. Here are our favourite time-traveling Sydney adventures to keep everyone engaged these school holidays.

St Ives Medieval Faire

St Ives Medieval FaireThis event has been on the Sydneymum calendar for many years now. We love going to the Medieval Faire. This year it is on 23rd and 24th of September (yep, that’s this weekend) and is again at the St Ives Showground.  

This is mind-blowing stuff. You are completely transported into a world of grand tournaments, jousting, dancing, lavish food, maids and knights, and everything else, minus plagues, you expect you would see in medieval times.

We asked Medieval mama, Melissa Nash a few years why she loved it so much “I have always been intrigued by medieval history.  At the Medieval Faire, I can work with the beautiful jousting horses and combine my passion with 14th and 15th Century history.

I also love to sew so it’s a great chance for me to wear the medieval garments I sew.  My kids who are 11 and 8 also love the Medieval Faire.  They get to catch up with their friends and they all go marauding about as a pack of little Vikings!”

Sydneymum tips: Get there early for the Grand Parade which starts at 10 am, wear comfortable shoes that can get muddy if it’s raining (don’t worry if it does rain – it adds to the ambiance), and definitely pay for parking.


Janolan CavesJenolan Caves

Take the family 340 million years back in time.

We spent a day at Jenolan last school holidays and will definitely be back. We drove from our holiday stay in Katoomba, about an hour and a half away, and only did one cave tour. Next time we will probably stay a night and do a few tours/walks. If you are thinking of a day tour from Sydney, prepare for at least a 3-hour drive. Make sure you fill up before you turn off to Jenolan too as there are no petrol stations around or at the bottom of the narrow windy road.

This cavernous world is better suited for families with kids who can walk unassisted. There were a few parents carrying little ones on the tour, so it is possible, but I’m glad it wasn’t me. Our kids totally dug this adventure, as did their parents.


Q Station

The whole Sydneymum tribe checked out Q Station’s fabulous glamping package recently and had a ball! Here’s a review of our sleepover.

Formerly Sydney’s Quarantine Station, this historical site is surrounded by the vast bushland of the national park and spectacular views across Sydney Harbour. There is plenty to explore around the 200-year-old buildings, and ample space for kids to run and be free.

Sydneymum’s Tip: Take the scooters, take a tour, take your swimmers, go glamping!



Tips of rainy school holiday days in Sydney

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Author: Sharon Quill

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