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My name is Gloria Hawke and I am one-half of Hawke Segal Mediation, which I established and run with my partner Saranne Segal in Edgecliff.

I am a mother of two young and loud young boys and live in Maroubra with my family.

I am passionate about mediation and helping empower and support people resolve their differences and reach negotiated agreements through mediation. Saranne and I are both nationally accredited mediators and accredited through the Attorney General’s department as family dispute resolution practitioners.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process, it brings people who are in conflict together in a safe and structured environment to help them be and feel heard, to understand their underlying needs and concerns and to help parties think outside the square and reach a resolution.

When we deal with separating couple or parents our main goal is wherever possible to keep our clients away from litigation and Court.

Did you know that when parents end up in court they are now looking at a two to three-year wait for a final outcome from a judge? This is 2-3 years living in legal limbo, likely $50,000 to $100,000 in legal fees, a huge impact on their mental health and their children’s wellbeing and this leaves the decision of where children will live and in what sequence and where they will spend Christmas all in the hands of someone else who will never actually meet them.

Family mediation

Through mediation, we help parents stay in control of the outcomes around their parenting arrangements, their financial settlements, and future. We work with families to provide child inclusive practice to allow the children’s voice to be heard in the mediation process and we work alongside family lawyers to run legally assisted mediations where clients mediate with the help of their lawyers.

When we work with organisations this might be anything from a local council, a not for profit to an ASX listed company. It doesn’t matter where; workplaces are notorious for disputes, which isn’t surprising given how much time many of us spend at work. When conflict arises at work it’s natural that people tend to ignore it and hope it will go away but in our experience, it often festers and will eventually bubble over. This is when we are often called into either facilitate discussions or conduct an investigation if allegations of bullying or harassment and discrimination are made.

There is nothing more satisfying than helping people understand the other person’s perspective, to see the relief on a parent or employees face when they finally feel the other person has listened to them. Mediation isn’t always comfortable, it can be challenging for people and we are there as an impartial professional to support them through the process, we don’t take sides, judge or make decisions for them. We reality test peoples ideas, we share research and experience with parents and we help generate option and ideas when people are stuck or overly positional.

If you have any questions about mediation and how it works, don’t hesitate to get in touch or take a look at our website.





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