A Boon in Children’s Swimming Aids

boon boonMeet Berna who is bringing new confidence to baby and toddler swimming, right in time for summer.

I’m a pretty new Sydney mum who loves to be a mum here in Sydney. We (me, my husband and our 1.5 years old daughter Lara) moved to Sydney 1.5 years ago from Turkey.

We were both professionals working full-time after decided to move we both quitted and start to pack to our most interesting journey…

I’ve never been to Sydney or even to Australia before our big move, and we had no family, just a few friends that we met after our migration decision. The first 6 months were hard, we couldn’t get used to many things easily, like driving on the left side and working hours (especially cafes and shops) …

After 1.5 years now we are completely fine, we have very best friends and we feel like home here.

Since we totally changed our lives by moving to the other side of the world, I wanted to make a fresh start even in my work life. So, the marketing professional (I’m an Industrial Engineer with marketing Master’s degree) became a self-employed mum. I decided to have an online shop which is specialised in unique baby/kids products.

So, I established: https://boonboon.com.au, my daughter was calling balloons as ‘boonboon’ and this was one of her most favourite words. I had three very special products that were not launched in the Australian market in my mind but could start with one of them, the remaining two are still waiting for the right timing and conditions… Boonboon’s unique product is the best swimming aid for babies and toddlers, Cherek’s Kraulquappen swimming armbands.

Check these amazing swimming aids in action.

The only armbands suitable for babies from 7 months

Designed by German swim-trainer Reiner Cherek, Kraulquappen armbands support the little users’ physical development by enabling them mobility in water. By the help of the buoyancy foam inside, Kraulquappen helps babies and toddlers start to swim confidently as they can keep their heads up from the water surface (17 cm up from water surface). The little swimmer start to kick naturally and swim confidently with Cherek’s.


Insta: @boonboon.com.au


Author: Emma McEnery

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