Here are my Tips to Overcome Back Pain

Back pain can be so debilitating! A few months ago I explained the basic principles behind lower back issues and I thought I would continue that theme. I have had a lot of great feedback and this month’s blog is all about your back health.

Because of our sedentary, seated lifestyle, a lot of us have lower back pain or discomfort, tight hamstrings, tight hips and so on. All leading to poor mobility in the hips area and the lower back. With time it all gets stuck and problems arise.

And let’s face it, all of us need to find some ‘me’ time and downtime.

This short sequence aims to help you free up your lower back and get some energy back. You’ll need a strap, a blanket, and a bolster if you have one (alternatively you can use a couple of rolled up thick towels or blankets).

Do it at least 3 times a week, and note your progress over time. Make use of your camera and video yourself doing it so you can check your alignment and make the necessary adjustments the next time around. For instance, if your chin is
lifted when lying down, you need a folded towel under your head to help lengthen the back of the
neck and create more space in that area.

A word of caution:

Lower back issues have been “built” over time. They have to be taken very seriously. Because it is common, most people think it’s part of “getting older”, and hope it’ll go away on its own. But it’s just like relationships: problems swept under the carpet will always resurface worse than when they started.

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong, and it needs your attention. While this sequence is suitable for most people, any persistent pain or discomfort has to be addressed specifically by a qualified professional of
your choice.

Now set yourself up, and get ready for 10 minutes of ME time.




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