Want to Feature on Sydneymum?

Contributors - Sydney MumAre you a Sydney mum or want to be featured on Sydney Mum?  

We are always on the hunt for amazing women to profile.  There are only two real requirements:

– Be a mother

– Live in Sydney, Australia

If you would like us to profile you please get in touch via the form below.

We also, want to give women the platform to talk about whatever their heart desires so if you have something you want to write about (even if you are new to blogging) we encourage you to make contact. We won’t change the context of your story but we reserve the right to edit. All work will be given full credit, with your links.

Regular Contributors

Our regular contributors fall into two categories, women in business and women who aren’t. If you are in business and want to promote your expertise regularly on Sydneymum, please email us your interest. The commitment is for 12 months of contributions but spaces are limited.

Reviews and Advertorial

We have a non-advertorial policy (because who likes to read advertorials?) but we do write cracking sponsored posts and welcome them. Check out our very reasonable rates in our media kit.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Sharon and Emma.

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