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Photo of Caroline Bakerman
Caroline Bakerman
Yoga Instructor and owner of Better Me Yoga Better Me Yoga

“When the gardener plants an apple seed, does he expect the apples to appear at once? Of course not. The gardener waters the seed, watches it each day, and feels happy seeing the growth. Treat the body in the same way. We water our asana and pranayama with love and joy seeing the small progress. While we know what our goal is, we do not focus on enlightenment. We know that when our practice is ripe, illumination comes.”  ~ B.K.S. Iyenga

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Photo of Gloria Hawke
Gloria Hawke
Family Mediator Hawke Segal Mediation

Gloria Hawke is one-half of Hawke Segal Mediation, which she established and runs with her partner Saranne Segal in Edgecliff.

She is passionate about mediation and helping empower and support people resolve their differences and reach negotiated agreements through mediation. Saranne and Gloria are both nationally accredited mediators and also accredited through the Attorney General’s department as family dispute resolution practitioners.

Through mediation, they help parents stay in control of the outcomes around their parenting arrangements, their financial settlements, and future. When they work with organisations, this might be anything from a local council, a not for profit to an ASX listed company. Workplaces are notorious for disputes, which isn’t surprising given how much time many of us spend at work. Gloira will come into either facilitate discussions or conduct an investigation if allegations of bullying or harassment and discrimination are made.

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Photo of Marisa Hoffenberg
Marisa Hoffenberg
Financial Advisor and owner of Marisa Hoffenberg Wealth Management Marisa Hoffenberg Wealth Management

Marisa is a financial advisor and a mum of two, with a passion for educating and empowering women to take care of themselves financially. Marisa works with successful families and individuals to navigate the complexities of managing their wealth. To offer a truly personal service Marisa only has space for a maximum of 80 client and spends time with you to understand your aspirations, values and concerns and to provide a unique solution for you.

Previously Marisa held senior management positions in van Eyk Research and Franklin Templeton Investments.

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Photo of Marie Holland
Marie Holland
Nutritionist and owner of Nutrition That Fits Nutrition That Fits

I am an accredited clinical nutritionist specialising in nutrition for families, pregnancy, pre-conception and children. I consult on lots of issues including evidence-based nutritional information, articles, helpful tips and support that meet the demands of our busy lives. Topics such as general nutrition and healthy eating for all ages; pregnancy planning and breastfeeding; food intolerances including wheat, gluten and lactose intolerance, women’s health and everything in between.

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Photo of Amanda Jane
Amanda Jane
Events and Wedding specialist and owner of Bone and Willow Bone and Willow

After years of planning and dreaming, I first launched my blog after the announcement of my pregnancy back in April 2014. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to start what I have always wanted to do, a company that specialised in styling for events and homes, as well as creating home wares that truly represented me and what I love. Bone & Willow was founded in 2014.

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Photo of Jen Lafferty
Jen Lafferty
Massage Therapist Vital Elements Massage

Jen Lafferty is the owner of Vital Elements Massage Therapy, a massage practice operating in Maroubra. Her practice specialises in Remedial massage, Oncology Massage (different types of cancer treatment), Pregnancy and Paediatric massage and Dry Needling. Holding an Australian license for Remedial Massage, she is an internationally Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) including a certificate in Touch Therapy from Liddle Kidz™ and infant massage in a Neo Natal Intensive Care unit environment.

A member of the Australian massage Therapists Ltd (#1-5497) and a current ‘Working With Children’ check authority.

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Photo of Live 2 Be Well
Live 2 Be Well

Sandy is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist and has been working in both the health and fitness industry / occupational rehabilitation for 20 years. She has worked both in a clinical and corporate setting and is passionate about helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

Sandy believes that staying healthy can be achieved through encompassing holistic lifestyle management choices. She has worked with a variety of clientele including those with musculo-skeletal injuries, chronic diseases, and mental health conditions.

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Photo of Emma McEnery
Emma McEnery
Blogger and Web Administrator
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Photo of Julia Orsini
Julia Orsini
Speech Pathologist and Director Kids Spot

Julia is a nurturing Speech Pathologist who is driven by her passion for working with parents and carers to ensure the best outcomes for families. Julia has a wealth of experience working with all age groups and prides herself in her ability to be playful no matter what the topic. Julia is a mother to 2 young boys, one who experienced difficulties with communication and sensory integration; her understanding of the journey parents take with their child is vast.

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Photo of Rhubarb Jam Productions
Rhubarb Jam Productions

Anna is passionate about facilitating creativity in young people and helping them to value their ideas as well as the ideas of others and is the co-founder of Rhubarb Jam Productions.

​Started in 2014, workshops are designed for participants, aged between 5-12, to create a production from start to finish, under the guidance of experienced mentors in DANCING, SINGING and ACTING. We value the process of putting a themed performance together and ALL workshop participants will be involved in every aspect of the production – even sets and props!

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Photo of Alysia Samperi
Alysia Samperi
Life Stylist enthusiast and co-founder of Hamblin’s Hamblins

I have studied many things starting with a retail trainee-ship after school, make-up artistry, accounting, art history and finally colour design after 10 years of being an at home mum. I’d say my biggest asset is my eye for detail and passion for design and beautiful things.

At Hamblins, my role is all about delivering an experience. I am an ideas person! I’m the interior designer, stylist, merchandiser, curator and sourcer of wonderful things both locally and from around the globe. I like to create and design things from branding and image to products for the store. I also look after the running of the day to day business stuff like accounts, social media and sometimes even doing the odd flower delivery.

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