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Ultimate Guide to Things to Do on Central Coast

This region is a treasure trove of activities. I really enjoy going to Central Coast. My family and I frequently take drives or visit loved ones there. It’s definitely the place we visit most often near Sydney.

From stunning beaches, unique attractions, serene nature walks to delicious local cuisine – the Central Coast has it all.

If you’re unsure where to start exploring these things to do Central Coast, worry not!

Quick Glance:

Explore the Beaches

If you’re a beach enthusiast, you’ll find the Central Coast of New South Wales to be a paradise. From the serene and peaceful Ettalong Beach to the thrilling and exciting surfing experience, there’s something to suit every taste.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day out or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, this region has it all.

Ettalong Beach


This beach is known as one of the most picturesque spots in NSW, Ettalong Beach also offers calm waters ideal for swimming and paddle boats. This charming coastal village provides ample picnic areas too, making it a great place indeed if spending quality time amidst nature is what you seek.

The vibrant weekend market featuring local crafts & gourmet food stalls adds another dimension altogether, making Ettalong Beach more than just about sunbathing.

Avoca Beach


If you’re looking for an exciting adventure instead of a peaceful retreat, Avoca Beach is the ideal destination for surfers. Aside from surfing, visitors can also enjoy stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking nearby, which provides an opportunity to experience tranquility away from the busy crowds.

After a day full of adventure, it’s great to unwind with a relaxing evening at the famous Avoca Theatre. They showcase independent films as well as mainstream cinema.

Norah Head Lighthouse & Surrounding Area


When exploring the Central Coast, a visit to Norah Head Lighthouse is a must. Not only will you enjoy panoramic views of Broken Bay, but a guided tour of the historic site will provide fascinating insights into history. Plus, you’ll get to experience the spectacular vistas from atop the lighthouse.

Discover the stunning beaches of Central Coast, NSW. From adrenaline-fueled surf sessions at Avoca Beach to serene picnics in Ettalong, there's something for everyone. Don't miss the panoramic views from Norah Head Lighthouse. #CentralCoastAdventures

Visit Local Attractions

The Central Coast is a treasure trove of unique attractions and activities, offering a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. Here’s your guide to some must-visit spots.

Norah Head Lighthouse

Step into Australia’s maritime past at the Norah Head Lighthouse. This 1903-built beacon offers breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean from its tower.

You can choose between guided tours or explore at your own pace while enjoying picnic areas and walking trails in the surrounding area.

Australian Reptile Park


If you’re travelling with children or are just young at heart yourself, then make sure not to miss out on visiting The Australian Reptile Park.

At the Australian Reptile Park, visitors can get up close and personal with iconic Aussie creatures such as kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles. Plus, it plays an important role in conservation efforts by breeding endangered species for future generations.

Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures

Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures, located along Popran Creek amidst unspoilt bushland, offers horse riding experiences suitable for all levels. Even if you’ve never been in the saddle before, this exciting activity can still be enjoyed.

In addition to horse riding, they have other adventures like quad biking and kayaking that will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

Mt Penang Gardens And Event Park

Your visit won’t be complete without spending time at the award-winning Mt Penang Gardens And Event Park. This eight-hectare garden showcases local flora designed keeping principles of sustainable living.

Not only is Mt Penang Gardens And Event Park a haven of local flora, but it also provides an array of entertainment throughout the year – making it a must-visit destination. So why wait? Start planning now.

Uncover the Central Coast's hidden gems. Explore Norah Head Lighthouse, meet native wildlife at Australian Reptile Park, get adventurous at Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures, and relax in Mt Penang Gardens. Your ultimate guide to an unforgettable trip. #CentralCoast #TravelGuide

Unique Experiences on Central Coast

It’s not just about the golden sands and heart-pumping escapades; it’s also those offbeat discoveries that make your time there really special.

Oyster Farming at Hawkesbury River

Broken Bay

If you’ve ever wondered where pearls come from, then Broken Bay Pearl Farm has all the answers. Situated in the tranquil waters of Hawkesbury River, this working pearl farm offers guided tours where visitors can learn first-hand how these precious gems are cultivated.

You’ll get up close with oysters during shucking sessions and even have a chance to purchase some locally grown pearls as souvenirs – making for quite an unforgettable experience.

Brekkie with Alpacas

Australian hospitality extends beyond humans – Grace Springs Farm proves just that. This family-run establishment nestled amidst lush greenery invites its guests for breakfast with alpacas.

In private picnic spots surrounded by grazing alpacas, families or couples can enjoy their morning meal while getting acquainted with these friendly creatures. Combining gastronomic delights along with nature-based activities makes this one-of-a-kind experience something worth trying out when visiting the central coast.

Navigating NSW’s Only Pearl Farm


Pearl lovers will be thrilled to know there’s more than meets the eye at Broken Bay Pearls – New South Wales’ only pearl farm located right here on the central coast. Offering behind-the-scenes tours explaining the process involved in cultivating precious gems like seeding, which involves inserting a tiny piece of mother-of-pearl nucleus inside live oysters to encourage them to produce nacre (a substance that forms layers around an irritant, eventually creating a pearl). Not only do they offer an educational tour, but they also have a boutique store onsite showcasing stunning pieces made using locally grown pearls.

Enjoy Nature Walks

Bouddi National Park is just one of the many natural gems on the Central Coast that offers scenic walks for nature lovers. Take a leisurely wander and take in the gorgeous sights of the coast as you traverse through its many national parks and reserves.

Bouddi National Park

A gem on the Central Coast’s crown is Bouddi National Park. The park offers several walking trails that vary in length and difficulty. But one trail stands out from all – Bouddi Coastal Walk.

This isn’t just an ordinary hike; this experience lets you immerse yourself into the heart of natural beauty that defines this region.

Brisbane Water National Park

Moving northwards lies another treasure trove – Brisbane Water National Park. This park presents breathtaking scenery, comprising sandstone precipices, cascades and eucalyptus woodlands. There are plenty walks available here too.

You don’t have to be intimidated by Great North walk stretching from Sydney up to Newcastle. You can choose shorter sections within Brisbane Water itself such as Piles Creek loop or Girrakool loop where tranquil creekside settings or impressive waterfall vistas respectively await your exploration.

Tuggerah Lakes Cycleway Pathway

If hiking doesn’t quite suit your style but still want some outdoor fun then consider exploring Tuggerah Lakes via their cycleway pathway system instead.

No matter what fitness level (or age) there’s something for everyone along these paths. Plus numerous spots en route make perfect places stop off refreshments making it enjoyable day out overall.

In essence, whether wandering amidst towering gum trees in the national park or ambling alongside peaceful lakeshores, taking time for nature walks when visiting is highly recommended.

Discover the Central Coast's natural beauty. From breathtaking coastal walks in Bouddi National Park to tranquil creekside trails in Brisbane Water, there's an adventure for every nature lover. #CentralCoastAdventures ️

Sample Local Cuisine

From seafood enthusiasts to wine connoisseurs, there’s something for every palate.

Fresh Seafood Delights

Blessed by its proximity to the ocean, this region boasts some of Australia’s freshest seafood. Whether it’s succulent prawns at The Entrance or delectable fish and chips in Terrigal beachside eateries, you’re spoilt for choice.

In addition to traditional dishes, many restaurants offer innovative menus that showcase their creativity using locally sourced catch. For instance, Yellowtail Restaurant serves up modern Australian cuisine focusing on seasonal ingredients from both land and sea – definitely worth exploring.

Savoury Wines & Cheeses

If vineyards are more your scene than beaches, then fear not. Nestled within the hinterland lie numerous wineries whose fertile soils cultivate diverse grape varieties resulting in exquisite wines.

Firescreek Winery located in Holgate offers handcrafted fruit wines made from locally sourced fruits while Stonehurst Cedar Creek Vineyard produces organic wines reflecting their terroir beautifully amidst scenic surroundings.

And what better way to complement these fine vintages than regional cheeses? Cheese lovers should head over to Little Creek Cheese Factory where they can sample handmade artisan cheese crafted using time-honoured methods – simply delightful.

Culinary Experiences Beyond Dining

Apart from savouring fabulous meals at amazing eateries or sipping on delightful beverages at wineries/breweries, there are other foodie adventures awaiting visitors too. You could take part in cooking classes offered by places like Julie’s Place (led by none other than Australia’s first MasterChef winner). These hands-on sessions provide insights into preparing delicious meals along with tips about selecting quality ingredients, thus enhancing overall appreciation towards food.

Another exciting option is farm tours such as those conducted by Grace Springs Farm where visitors get an opportunity to understand sustainable farming practices whilst collecting eggs or milking cows.

In essence, whether it’s relishing freshly caught seafood overlooking pristine beaches, sampling award-winning vintages accompanied with artisan cheese amid lush vineyards, mastering new recipes under expert guidance, or understanding how your favourite foods make the journey from farm-to-table, exploring the Central Coast through flavours promises exciting discoveries around every corner.

Key Takeaway: 
Feast your senses on Central Coast's gastronomic delights, from ocean-fresh seafood to artisan cheeses. Sip exquisite local wines in scenic vineyards or learn new culinary skills with expert-led cooking classes. Uncover the journey of food from farm-to-table and savour every mouthful of this delicious adventure.

Take a Cruise

Cruising along the Central Coast provides an opportunity to soak in its stunning views and encounter unique wildlife. Sail away on a voyage of discovery, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable time aboard a boat – big or small.

Kayaking Adventures

If being close to nature thrills you, then kayaking might just hit the spot. The calm waterways of Avoca Lake are perfect for beginners while those with more experience can venture further offshore into Broken Bay.

Sailing Experiences

For something less physically demanding but equally exciting, consider embarking on one of Pro Dive Central Coast’s guided tours around Brisbane Water or Hawkesbury River. These experienced skippers know these waters like the back of their hand.

You’ll get panoramic views from your boat deck – sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and verdant national parks make this part of New South Wales truly beautiful.

Dinner Cruises

A dinner cruise combines sightseeing with gastronomic delights. Picture yourself enjoying fresh seafood caught locally as you watch the sun set over Bouddi National Park. Companies such as Starship Cruises offer such experiences which cater both adults & children alike.

From exploring artificial reefs near Norah Head Lighthouse during day cruises, to witnessing majestic sunset over Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures, dinner cruises ensure memories worth cherishing.

So whether it’s adrenaline pumping adventure or laid-back leisurely activity, you have plenty options at disposal when planning fun things to do on the central coast.

Go Shopping

The Central Coast offers a vibrant shopping scene that caters to every taste and preference. From bustling shopping centres boasting popular retail chains, to charming boutique stores nestled in quaint townships, the region provides an eclectic mix of options for shoppers.

Diverse Shopping Centres

Larger complexes like Westfield Tuggerah, one of the most prominent in the area, serve as go-to destinations for those seeking variety under one roof. The centre not only houses renowned fashion brands but also features dining establishments and entertainment facilities.

If you’re more inclined towards intimate settings with local charm, consider exploring Deepwater Plaza at Woy Woy which blends daily essentials with unique specialty outlets.

Boutique Stores in Townships

Apart from these larger malls are smaller boutiques tucked away within various coastal villages around Central Coast such as Terrigal known for its stylish clothing shops offering high-end attire and accessories.

Furthermore, there’s Avoca Beach brimming with independent retailers where antiques meet locally crafted items, perfect souvenirs or gifts representing your visit.
Note: Trading hours may vary between different regions, so check before heading out.

Farmers Markets: A Unique Shopping Experience

  • The weekly Avoca Beachside Market is well-known amongst locals who recommend it highly due to its range of handmade arts & crafts along with organic foodstuffs.
  • In contrast, Umina Beach Markets held monthly focus on vintage wares & collectables.
  • Cash might be required at some small businesses or market stalls, so come prepared.
  • Parking can get busy during peak hours, especially near beach areas; hence public transport could be a better option.
  • Sunscreen is essential if you plan on spending time outdoors exploring open-air markets.

Have Fun with Kids

The Central Coast, South Wales is a treasure trove of family-friendly attractions. From animal encounters to adrenaline-pumping activities and waterparks, there’s something for every child.

Australian Reptile Park and Walkabout Wildlife Park

Reptile park Central Coast

If you’re planning an outing with kids who love animals, then Australian Reptile Park should be at the top of your list. Visitors to the Park can take part in educative activities, where they will be able to gain knowledge about various creatures living in their native habitat.

In addition to this, Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park allows visitors to walk among free-roaming animals such as kangaroos, koalas, etc. Also, they offer Aboriginal sites tours which provide insights into indigenous culture.

Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures & Treetops Adventure


Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures provides thrill-seeking experiences like horse riding and quad biking through unspoilt wilderness areas making it one great place for outdoor adventure.

Treetops Adventure though located within Ourimbah State Forest isn’t open currently but once operational again would certainly add another feather in cap by providing nature-based experiences like tree climbing courses suitable for different age groups. Check out best camping spots in Central Coast.

Avoca Lake Paddle Boats & Aqua Fun Water Parks


Your visit won’t be complete without trying out paddle boats or splashing around in local water parks. If calm waters are what you seek – perfect even for younger children – then hiring pedal-boats from Avoca Lake could be ideal. They offer various boat options including easy-to-use pedal-boats loved by young kids alike.

Moving onto more splashy fun under the sun, Aqua Fun Water Parks has inflatable slides, trampolines, and obstacle courses ensuring hours of entertainment.

Norah Head Lighthouse Tours & Mt Penang Gardens Visit


Another fascinating spot worth visiting is Norah Head Lighthouse overlooking Broken Bay offering guided tour opportunities. Children aged five years old upwards may climb up this historic lighthouse enjoying panoramic views whilst learning interesting facts along their journey.

Meanwhile, Mt Penang Gardens isn’t merely another picnic area – its beautiful landscapes make it an ideal spot for leisurely strolls while learning about local flora. There’s even an art gallery onsite showcasing works from local artists.

Lastly, but definitely not least consider visiting Grace Springs Farm. This fully operational farm gives visitors hands-on experience – collecting eggs, feeding animals, etc., truly bringing farming life alive.

FAQs in Relation to Things to Do Central Coast

What is the Central Coast known for?

The Central Coast is renowned for its stunning beaches, nature reserves, local cuisine and unique attractions such as theme parks and zoos.

Is Central Coast a good place to live?

Yes, with its beautiful landscapes, relaxed lifestyle and range of amenities, the Central Coast makes an excellent place to reside.

Why is the Central Coast so popular?

The allure of the Central Coast lies in its diverse offerings – from outdoor adventures like surfing and hiking to cultural experiences like shopping at boutique stores or sampling local food & wine.

What towns are in the Central Coast of Australia?

Towns on Australia’s central coast include Gosford, Terrigal, The Entrance, Woy Woy and Avoca Beach among others.


From surfing the waves at Central Coast Surf Academy to exploring nature’s bounty at Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures, there’s no shortage of exciting things to do on the Central Coast.

You can get up close with wildlife at Australian Reptile Park or indulge in local brews and cheeses for a true taste of this vibrant region.

If you’re an art enthusiast, don’t miss out on catching a show at Avoca Beach Theatre. And let’s not forget about those special moments – shucking oysters standing in Hawkesbury River or breakfasting with alpacas.

The Central Coast is truly a paradise packed full of fun and adventure waiting to be discovered!

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